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Which Assay Office should I use?

If you are looking for an Assay Office that cares about the quality of your finished product as much as you do, then Edinburgh Assay Office is the right choice for you.

We offer consistent, high quality hallmarking for customers anywhere in Europe using state-of-the-art laser marking, machine marking and highly skilled hand markers. We also provide additional services designed to streamline the supply chain for jewellery importers at Edinburgh.

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The Foundations of our Winning Business Culture

Valuing Conversation

All of our telephones are manned and answered by our staff. We value conversation with our customers. This is reflected in our choice not to use any form of automated call screening technology.

Expert Assessment

Our most experienced technicians assess each order as soon as it is received and spend many hours each day discussing jobs with customers. This allows us to make sure we know exactly what our customers’ requirements are before we hallmark. We do this because, quite simply, we want to get it right.

Dedicated Product Development

We have a dedicated product development team available to discuss new products from concept to final hallmarking. Early communication (at the product design stage) can help avoid incurring delay and additional cost further down the line.

Experienced Management

All our Production Management team have a jewellery manufacturing background. We understand how to handle jewellery sympathetically.

Product Care

We understand how jewellery needs to be handled and have specific routes and controls in place to ensure that your goods are always handled appropriately. We have state of the art jewellery finishing facilities manned by a jewellery industry trained team, ensuring your products are returned exactly as they are received.

Consistent Marks

Our dedicated specialist engineering department produces custom supports and marking solutions to ensure consistent, high quality, repeatable marks with no damage.

Better Looking Laser Marks

We only apply solid laser marks unless specifically requested otherwise. This is despite the fact they take longer to apply and to clean afterwards. We do this because we know they look better. We clean every laser mark using high pressure steam to ensure it looks perfect.

Virtual Assay Office

We are the only assay office to provide an end-to-end tracking system, allowing our customers to submit items, track hallmarking jobs, receive dispatch notifications on-line payment and system interface options with our customers’ stock systems.

Simple Pricing Structure

We are the only Assay Office to have a single unit price charge for any jewellery article under 100 grams, regardless of product type or metal type. This keeps pricing simple, transparent and easier to estimate in advance.

Consistent Turnaround

The advanced warning our online systems provide allows for proactive planning of our workload. When this advantage is coupled with our assessing routines we are able to provide highly consistent turnaround times even in the face of fluctuating demand.

Hallmarking & Fulfilment

Pay as you go hallmarking developed for online jewellery retailers importing from overseas, providing consistent, high quality hallmarks and offering tailored distribution, fulfilment and final mile deliver options, with software integration for end to end tracking.

Transparency & Efficiency

50% of our business arrives directly from our customers’ manufacturing partners to the Edinburgh Assay Office. The first time our customers see their goods is after they are hallmarked. Our Virtual Assay Office provides complete transparency and confidence, saving time and money through more efficient logistics.

Offering a clear advantage to customers old and new . . .

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Our customers range from craftsmen and women to some of the biggest jewellery brands in the industry.

Many have moved from other UK Assay Offices, but stay with us because of our high quality hallmarks, product care, attention to detail, easy to use online submission & tracking, simple pricing and friendly and efficient customer service.

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