r Hallmarking Direct

The Challenge

We understand the importance of processing and returning your product to you and your customers as quickly and easily as possible and appreciate that the hallmarking process is often at odds with this.

We think that you should be able to rely on having your product returned, fully hallmarked, looking just the way you imagined it would. We make sure that our hallmarking processes support this expectation.

The Solution

Whether you are a one person business or an international retailer, Edinburgh Assay Office has a hallmarking solution to ensure your product goes to market perfectly hallmarked with a minimum of fuss.

Our systems make it just as easy to have goods shipped direct from your manufacturing partners as to send or hand in your goods yourself. We have a highly trained and dedicated team ready to discuss design, handling, turnaround and provide technical advice. We measure our success on our ability to solve your problems.

Direct to us and back to you. Careful, reliable and easy to use

Intelligent Systems

Our systems are built to remember your preferences.

Design & Product Development

Dedicated staff to discuss your product and designs.

Unrivalled Marking Technology

State of the art laser & machine marking for consistent high quality marks.

Traditional Skills

Hand marking & feature marking of the highest standard.

Expert Handling

State of the art repair, replating and refinishing technology.

Virtual Assay Office

Submit, track, manage, and pay for shipments online.

How it Works

Hallmarking Direct Process