About Us

Passionate about quality

The Edinburgh Assay Office has been testing and hallmarking precious metals since 1457.

We have built an international reputation on the quality of our workmanship, the professionalism of our staff, for systemising complexity and providing simple solutions for difficult problems.

Edinburgh Assay Office is the trading name of The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh.


Offering a clear advantage to customers old and new...

Our customers range from independent craftspeople to some of the biggest brands in the industry. We continue to attract new business because of our high-quality hallmarks, product care, innovative online systems, and efficient customer service. Our clients, and consumers across the UK and the world, have the highest expectations of us – we strive to meet those standards every time.

What we believe in

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Our people

Our experienced staff are here to help at every step of the journey, from registration to handing the finished piece over to your end customer, and everything in between.

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Our systems

Our online systems allow for proactive planning of our workload. When this advantage is coupled with our assessing routines we are able to provide highly consistent turnaround times year-round.

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Our innovations

We pride ourselves on being able to do what others cannot. A long line of our innovative and award-winning, world firsts have re-shaped our industry and will continue to do so as we strive to provide solutions to complex issues.

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Our integrity

We have remained independent through the many industry changes over the past 500 years and, as a result, we bring incomparable trust and value to the jewellery industry.

What our clients say about us


The Edinburgh Assay Office understands silversmiths and works closely with them to minimise production problems where hallmarking is concerned. My work comes back in such a good state that little needs to be done to tidy it up; a huge help. The EAO is an example of how to conduct a thriving business in a helpful and courteous manner.

Malcolm Appleby, Silversmith


I’ve been a customer of Edinburgh Assay Office for 36 years and their service just gets better and better. The staff are most helpful and a pleasure to deal with, plus provide an outstanding service. The attention given to the work is matched by the very best hammer marking skills. I’m also impressed with the laser department. Turnaround times are excellent. I highly value the Edinburgh hallmark, as do my customers.

Graham Stewart, Silversmith


Edinburgh Assay Office is a reliable and friendly business to deal with. Staff are well-informed (and very patient!) and they are always willing to discuss the work that needs to be hallmarked, either on the phone or in person. This is especially helpful when submitting unusual objects, such as mixed-metal items. I've been consistently pleased with the results, both for large feature marks and small discreet ones. Instructions for the placement of the marks are followed accurately, and the objects are treated carefully.

Hazel Thorn, Silversmith