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testimonial Testing and consultancy

The Edinburgh Assay Office worked closely with Scotgold to help design and to oversee the chain of custody for Gold from our Cononish mine. The Assay Office provided invaluable technical support, tested all gold removed from the mine and advised on the Dore production process. The Assay Office’s involvement gave everyone depending on the Scotgold project great confidence. The development and application of a Scotgold precious metal mark administered by the Assay office and linked to the chain of custody, gave each piece of jewellery that carried the mark unquestioned authenticity and enabled manufacturers and retailers to confidently and fully leverage the added value for this rarest of Scottish resources.

Richard Gray, CEO
testimonial Distribution/Hallmarking

The Edinburgh Assay Office has streamlined our order fulfilment process ensuring lead times are kept as short as possible and that our vertical distribution model is maintained. The introduction of the Edinburgh Assay Office has also had a positive financial impact. Our customers are reassured by our inclusion of the Assay Office, and our delivery costs have dramatically reduced. This has led to both an increase in online conversion rate and a healthier bottom line.

David Adams, Co-founder, Roxoa Group
testimonial Distribution/Hallmarking

The Edinburgh Assay Office designed and delivered an integrated hallmarking drop shipping service for our UK e-commerce sales which revolutionised the speed and cost of our bespoke jewellery sales. Their systems integrate with our own to provide a seamless and efficient transfer of our consolidated daily website orders. After hallmarking orders are shipped directly to our customers. It just works.

Tony Davis, CEO, JEWLR
testimonial Hallmarking

My association with Edinburgh Assay Office goes back to the mid 1970s and since then the skills, technology and working practices have improved, expanded and evolved and the work done these days causes minimal or no damage through sampling or marking. The technical staff are very approachable and down to earth and can help with any queries on punch size, style, types of marks and position, this is especially helpful for anybody new to the hallmarking process.

Alistair Campbell
testimonial Hallmarking

Diamond by Appointment and Sharman D Neill have been using the EAO’s services for a number of years. The thing that attracted us was their reputation for care and attention in the testing and hallmarking of jewellery items and we have found this to be true. In addition we commend Edinburgh Assay Office for their prompt, individual service. They have a professional and caring staff who support and endorse the strategic direction of their Assay Master. Their online submission and tracking service is simple, clear and effective to use.

Roger Chamberlin, Diamonds by Appointment
testimonial Hallmarking/ Consultancy

I like to think we pay as much attention to detail as the team in Scotland do. The EAO enjoys being involved with customers’ business and understand their needs, frequently exceeding expectations by offering advice on processes or international requirements. It’s a great partnership and one which has grown in the same way the business has.

Ben Roberts, Managing Director
testimonial Hallmarking

Over the years I have dealt with the Edinburgh Assay Office, I have experienced exceptional service. The staff members are efficient, friendly and always willing to help.
A service that we request regularly is the next day turnaround, which is quick and hassle free. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to other organisations!

Sarah Keegan, Swag
testimonial Hallmarking

I am continually impressed by the by Edinburgh Assay Office. Any time that I have requested support from EAO, it has been swift and efficient. It makes a pleasant change to deal with a business that takes pride in providing a first class service.

Hugh Alsop
testimonial Hallmarking/Distribution

The Edinburgh Assay Office is always helpful, efficient and fast. The quick turnaround times are a huge benefit and I can’t recall a time that anything has been returned to us broken or damaged. After working with them for more than 35 years, we have developed a fantastic working relationship, but all customers, new or old, would be made to feel welcome and looked after thanks to their helpful and friendly staff.

Annette Rowan, Houlden Jewellers
testimonial Hallmarking

Over my career I have dealt with all the assay offices in the UK at one time or another, so when I set up my own business I knew it would be Edinburgh for me, even though we are in Devon! They are efficient, sensible, friendly and most importantly very helpful.

Catherine Bishop

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