Covid-19 Update

Further to our previous message, for the last 2 weeks the Edinburgh Assay office has been working two separate shifts of staff on alternating days. This has allowed us to operate a hallmarking service while reducing the risk to our staff.

With each day that passes it seems increasingly likely that we will be forced to close our service on the grounds of the safety of our personnel.

At present we have no idea how much longer we will be able to continue to provide a service to our customers. We are in daily liaison with the other UK Assay Offices and at least one other Assay Office will close this week.  At any point in the immediate future the Edinburgh Assay Office may be forced to close its hallmarking service.

On this basis we strongly advise that that you do not ship any further work to the Edinburgh Assay Office in case the Office is forced to close in the coming days. Any work that remains with us while we are closed will be securely stored here and insured by us.

We will notify our customers by email should there be any further updates on our service.

If your business is closing and you wish your products to remain with us during any closure, please notify us.