Guaranteeing the provenance of Scottish gold


The Edinburgh Assay Office has designed and overseen a chain of custody that will assure the provenance of the first Scottish gold poured on site at Scotland’s only commercial gold mine. The first batch poured was tested for purity by the Edinburgh Assay Office on the 25th of October, in preparation for batch refining.

Scotgold have recently made the first pour of Scottish Gold from the Cononish Gold Mine in Tyndrum, Scotland. 12 gold rounds with a fineness of 999.9 have been created, ten of which will be sold to the public at auction. 


The Assay Office has meticulously recorded each batch of poured gold maintains a rigorous chain of custody to assure the provenance of the finished precious metal product. Going forward, the Assay Office aims to guarantee that any gold product stamped with the Scottish Gold ‘Stag’s Head’ mark is made with authentic Scottish gold mined from Cononish mine by Scotgold Resources Ltd.

Edinburgh Assay Master and CEO, Scott Walter said: “We have supported the Scotgold mine at Cononish for several years because we strongly believe that there are real opportunities for the Scottish Jewellery industry, both within Scotland and internationally, through the availability of a sustainable commercial supply of Scottish gold. Edinburgh Assay Office is perfectly placed to provide a robust 3rd party independent chain of custody that will guarantee the all-important provenance of this very special gold.”

Gold nuggets have been recovered by hand from the rivers of Scotland for hundreds of years, but never has there been a commercial gold-mining operation in the Highlands until now. The Cononish mine is first and foremost a Scottish affair – a Scottish adventure. The commitment to establish the first commercial Scottish gold mine began three decades ago and is now in reach.

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