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We have been protecting consumers for over 500 years.

Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) are rarely used in their purest form, but are alloyed with lesser metals in order to achieve the desired strength, durability and colour. As a result, it is not possible to determine the precious metal content of an item by sight or touch. For this reason, it is a legal requirement to hallmark all items made of precious metals (with certain exceptions).

If you are buying jewellery in store or online, always ask to see the hallmark – it’s your guarantee.

The Assay Office exists primarily to protect consumers. If you have concerns about an item you’ve purchased or would like to find out more about hallmarking requirements, please view our FAQs

Services for Consumers

Assay Assured

As one of the worlds oldest consumer protection organisations, we have earned the respect and trust of consumers and jewellery businesses alike.

Building and maintaining trust across the emerging digital retail environment is a challenge. That’s why in 2012 we launched Assay Assured, the worlds first and only online trust scheme for jewellery e-tailers with the guarantee of an Assay office.

The scheme protects online jewellery shoppers from counterfeit and fake jewellery and helps brands build consumer trust. To apply for Assay Assured or to view a list of Assay Assured Jewellery Retailers, visit the website

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About Hallmarking

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are rarely used in their purest form. Instead, they are usually alloyed with lesser metals to achieve a desired strength, durability, and colour. It is not possible to detect by sight or touch the precious metal content of an item. Therefore, it is a legal requirement that any item containing gold, silver, platinum or palladium be hallmarked, if it is to be described as such.

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Ethical production

Ethical sourcing and provenance of precious metals are of increasing interest to makers and consumers.

We are licensed to apply FairTrade and Fairmined marks for makers who have registered with these accreditation schemes. FairTrade/FairMined marks cost an additional 20p to apply.

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