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The Edinburgh Assay Office worked closely with Scotgold to help design and to oversee the chain of custody for Gold from our Cononish mine. The Assay Office provided invaluable technical support, tested all gold removed from the mine and advised on the Dore production process. The Assay Office’s involvement gave everyone depending on the Scotgold project great confidence. The development and application of a Scotgold precious metal mark administered by the Assay office and linked to the chain of custody, gave each piece of jewellery that carried the mark unquestioned authenticity and enabled manufacturers and retailers to confidently and fully leverage the added value for this rarest of Scottish resources.

Richard Gray, CEO, Scotgold

I like to think we pay as much attention to detail as the team in Scotland do. The EAO enjoys being involved with customers’ business and understand their needs, frequently exceeding expectations by offering advice on processes or international requirements. It’s a great partnership and one which has grown in the same way the business has.

Ben Roberts, Managing Director, Clogau Gold

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