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We are committed to developing innovative new services and technologies for the emerging jewellery industry. Our award-winning distribution and third-party logistics service is designed to help our clients streamline logistics and reduce workload. The service is customisable depending on your needs as an importer or a retailer.

Full API integration allows importers to ship and track bulk or single orders through us, as we act as a true single stop between manufacturer and end customer. Goods are shipped directly to us, then hallmarked, packaged, and distributed to the end consumer – eliminating the need for extraneous stock holding processes.

Our small scale distribution service provides the same benefits for retailers who are working with smaller quantities of items.

How it works

Booking and shipping

Jobs are booked in using our cloud-based system and shipped to us from any international or national location. Our system allows you and your suppliers to access tracking data at all times.

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The items are assayed, hallmarked, and split into smaller orders for distribution. Every separate transaction can be tracked either directly through our online portal or through integration with your own systems.

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The hallmarked items are then packaged as per your requirements and delivered to your end customer. Additional options of a returns and repairs service and stockholding are also available.

Why our clients choose us again & again

The Edinburgh Assay Office has streamlined our order fulfilment process ensuring lead times are kept as short as possible and that our vertical distribution model is maintained. The introduction of the Edinburgh Assay Office has also had a positive financial impact. Our customers are reassured by our inclusion of the Assay Office, and our delivery costs have dramatically reduced. This has led to both an increase in online conversion rate and a healthier bottom line.

David Adams, Co-Founder, QP Jewellers

The Edinburgh Assay Office designed and delivered an integrated hallmarking drop shipping service for our UK e-commerce sales which revolutionised the speed and cost of our bespoke jewellery sales. Their systems integrate with our own to provide a seamless and efficient transfer of our consolidated daily website orders. After hallmarking orders are shipped directly to our customers. It just works.

Tony Davis, CEO, Jewlr

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